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Know about theTruck rental Dublin!

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by: Bhrat
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Date: Thu, 19 May 2011 Time: 1:14 AM

 TRUCK rental  to  carry out a move or delivery in Dublin  is a far cry from that of the rest of Ireland. The layout of Ireland differ from one place to another  with the mountaneous restrictions on vehicle size and types  on public roads. There is also a 5 axle ban on vehicles between the canals north and south of Dublin City.

The major limitation  is concluded to the weight restriction. Many residential areas  limit the type of trucks  driving on the roads . The upper limit is usually any vehicle over 3.5 tones gross. What this means for the truck rental customer is that any vehicle that needs more than a car licence to operate cannot be driven on that road.  There can be a number of exclusions, but it is necessary to talk to the appropriate council in Dublin to get permission to use a larger truck than is usually permitted. If you need to enter Dublin City Centre in a tractor and trailer unit, you will need to purchase a permit, these permits are issued directly through Dublin city council and cost about 7 euro each way. When taking a truck into Dublin city centre it is necessary to have selected your entry and exit route and keep the council informed of this route choice.

 In a rental truck,  a lot has to be taken  in. You are best off seeking advice from the Rental Company about the best way of navigating around Dublin. There are a number of ways to avoid running into difficulties.  One simple way is to choose to hire a smaller truck if you need to go into Dublin city Centre. There are quite a few light truck choice that offer pretty good volume and tail lifts options that come under the 3.5 tonne limitation and that need no permit to enter Dublin City Centre. The real downside of these smaller hire trucks is the much smaller payload, so you  have to make  additional trips into Dublin and use a bit of extra fuel. But this is the price of legislation, simply put, Dublin City Council do not want heavy commercial vehicles operating in Dublin.

 In  commercial vehicle traffic,  one is required to take a  trip into Dublin city centre early in the morning and head for the Smithfield fruit market which was at one stage the digest draw for commercial vehicles  early in the morning. These days, the type of vehicle is substantially  distinctive and we can see far more light trucks and car licence vans than ever before, There are precious few trailers or tractor units. This phenomenon is set to continue and show no signs of letting up. Dublin city is becoming a much less friendly place  to conduct this application .

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