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The benefits of sack trucks and Trolleys

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by: Gareth Hoyle
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Date: Sun, 13 Nov 2011 Time: 10:09 PM

With over fifty years’ experience associated with the building trade Steel Shelving has a depth of knowledge and experience that is hard to match in the industry. Our vast experience has elevated us to a position where customers have commissioned us for the specification and sale architectural fittings and as an established retailer of storage and shelving products, and sack trucks we have a reputation for a customer service that is unsurpassed.

Steel Shelving operates in both the commercial and industrial areas of the market. We are able to offer our clients both straightforward and made to measure bespoke shelving solutions depending on their individual application, our sack trucks are amongst the foremost products available and our racking is sure to fit any commercial or industrial environment perfectly.

However, we can offer so much more than shelving solutions. We have a range of flatbed trolleys and sack trucks that are ideal for any commercial and industrial applications. Whether you require one of our shelving or sack trucks we offer a customer-centric level of service that simply cannot be matched by other leading shelving businesses.

At the heart of this customer-focus for all sack trucks, shelving and associated products is the dedication that we show to ensuring the needs of our customers are not only met, but exceeded. We can ship the majority of our items from sack trucks to steel shelving anywhere in the UK within five to seven days from receipt of payment. We offer free shipping for all orders that exceed one hundred and ten pounds. We offer very competitive prices for all of our products. Indeed, shipping to postcodes in Scotland range from just fifteen pounds to thirty five pounds, depending on the individual location.

If you’d like to have a look at the range of sack trucks, shelving or racking systems for stationery or even mobile applications for vans at some of the most competitive prices around then you need just come and visit us online at:

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Sack trucks have to be reliable and trustworthy and cannot break down unexpectedly if they are to be considered useful and valuable. At our superb flatbed trolleys are first rate!

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