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Let Sack trucks lighten the load

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by: Gareth Hoyle
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Date: Thu, 10 Nov 2011 Time: 9:50 PM

Make routine deliveries on a regular basis? All that heaving and humping is going to take a toll on your body one day. Know a way to lighten the load when moving cumbersome items around? Start using a selection of Sack trucks and they’ll do all of the hard work on your behalf.

Sack trucks come in all guises and they provide functionality and practicality when you have hefty loads to shift around. Easy-to-use Sack trucks come in all sizes and shapes; you can even pick different colours and finishes if you like. They’re available in a choice of specifications and like flatbed trolleys, durable and dependable Sack trucks make it easier than ever to lift and shift a wide range of items.

What do Sack trucks look like?

Know those porter trolleys you used to see at train stations? You know the type. They have two wheels at the back, a platform at the base and an upright section that has handles attached to it. They’re typical examples of Sack trucks that are still used in a variety of industries.

Originally designed to carry heavy bags, Sack trucks are really handy items of equipment that make it easy for you to transport boxes or other chunky items from one location to another. Used in busy warehouses, loading bays, distribution depots and for deliveries or collections at domestic or commercial premises, Sack trucks are rugged and determined items of equipment, a lot like flatbed trolleys.

They can climb stairs too!

It’s true. Some clever person obviously looked at the design of Sack trucks and thought to themselves, how can I improve on what is already a pretty perfect design? Basically they just fitted a star wheel system to the Sack trucks to turn them into stair climbing beasts.

Now you can approach a flight of stairs with large boxes on Sack trucks and carefully negotiate your way up a level with the minimum amount of effort.

So, if you regularly make deliveries and want to make life a little easier in the future think about using one of the fabulous Sack trucks sourced through a supplier of top quality flatbed trolleys.

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