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Information on salt spreaders for trucks

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During winter seasons many people find it hard to clear off snow from their driveways. The problem could be either the method or the equipment you use to clear your driveway. Salt spreaders for trucks are the equipment most commonly used in the clearance of driveways. Others opt to use their hands to spread salt on their driveways thinking that they are saving money. In actual fact they end up spending more because of the waste from the over-concentrated spreading of salt.

Whether the spreader is attached to the back of an ATV or a truck, most of them have power hookups such that they can be connected directly to the plug or the battery. No matter the size of your driveway you need to use one of the available salt spreaders for trucks because they guarantee you an even spread of salt while minimizing the mess. It can be tedious to throw salt with your hands especially if the driveway is large; one pass with these spreaders does it well.

The salt spreaders are attached to the trucks and then dragged around the areas that need the coverage. Salt spreaders for trucks can be used for business or domestic use. They come in different models and they are rated by the amount of weight in salt they can hold. The can vary ranging from 330 pounds up to 825 pounds. Other spreaders with larger capacities are rated by how many cubic yards of salt they can hold.

The highly recommended salt spreaders for home and small business owners are the USV standard or pro models. These standard spreaders have the capacity to hold 80lb bags of salt at once. Another type of salt spreaders for trucks that has just been introduced is called V-Box spreader. It has 11 cubic foot compartment with a capacity of 825 pounds. This type of spreader also has a low profile hidden motor vibrator and a horizontal auger for all the features found in one spreader. There is yet another type of salt spreader that is smaller than the V-Box in terms of capacity and it also has the low profile design for better viewing. Instead of an auger attached to the spinner plate it has a vibrator to keep the material flowing.


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