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How to Buy a Lamborghini with Zero Down

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Date: Fri, 9 Sep 2011 Time: 7:48 AM

A beautiful car with the best features ever built into a car of today’s era – the Lamborghini has it all. Even in this time of global financial crisis and recession, buying a Lamborghini can easily come with a $7000 per month financing with the offer of 0 percent financing which bears a $7,000 per month payment. The car’s price starts at $80,000 and can scale up to the $500,000 levels or more. It offers every luxurious feature one can include in a car. The car being of the sportier breed has the best of comfort for the driver. And the trendy tires and rims of the car give it sex appeal. Yes, this offer is available from Murcielago coupe and roadster especially for Lamborghini lovers. The Italian super car maker is offering this special offer to prospective buyers in case they wish to pay it within the period of 60 months or five years. Amazing isn’t it?

In order to buy the Lamborghini with zero down, you must display good financial habits and a clean credit record. It is available for those with high-end credit scores which should be at least above 740. The minimum down payment which is required to be made in order to take advantage of a down payment offer has been kept at 10 percent on the total value of the car. Well, it can be a great bargain for the buyer if one considers a down payment of 20% on an amount of $400,000 which is around $80,000. In this particular case, the installment figure comes to about $5,333.33 per month whereas the same with a normal 5.9% would have been $6,171.63. The accumulated interest for the same would come to around $50,300 which is a huge savings for the person buying the car. This offer makes it really easy for a car enthusiast to get this awe-appealing car with sparkling chrome rims.

In case the buyer is unable to pay the whole amount in the period of five years, Lamborghini offers various financing where they can pay different tenures with a fixed percentage of interest attached to it. The same would be offered to the customers who have credit scores well and above 700. Considering the above example of a $400,000 Lamborghini, the monthly installment with a 5.9% interest charge would be around $3,500. However, these payments may sound too high for many and the interest paid can be a huge amount over the stated tenure of the Loan. Therefore, the great offer of Lamborghini with zero percent down seems irresistible if you are looking at buying one of those beauties.

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