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Hy-Rail for All Seasons

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by: reikopena
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Date: Wed, 29 Feb 2012 Time: 2:39 AM

Anything that serves dual purpose is a welcome thing. If a vehicle could ply both on rail and road, it is beyond any words. That exactly is what hy-rail does. It is a multi-purpose vehicle that can run on streets with naturally rubber tires and on rail tracks with train wheels. Such vehicles are usually road vehicles that are converted for their dual purpose utility. There are a variety of vehicles that can be used both on road and rails and hence serve multiple applications. The hy-rail that is used as multipurpose vehicle can serve the purpose of track construction and maintenance like for track welding and tunnel cleaning; overhead line maintenance; rescue operation like for firefighting; transport of material and personnel and it can also be used as different attachments for summer or winter services. In summer, it can be used as sweeper and mower and during winters, it can do the task of snow plough and snow blower. The hy-rail can also be used as shunting vehicle. It can be used as battery driven, compact yet powerful. These are also used as road/rail trailers. It has different executions like usage as single axle trailer, tandem axle and cable drum trailer too. Its flexible use is its main feature. With so many multi-purpose usage and coupled with its low cost and less expenditure on maintenance, hy-rail is a top priority vehicle. Moreover, with its USP of being able to quickly switch between road and rail, long lifetime and its biggest plus of serving dual-purpose makes it a sought after vehicle.

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