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Lawnmower Engines: Functions, Parts and Replacement

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Date: Mon, 5 Dec 2011 Time: 1:16 AM

Almost 60-70% of the performance of a lawn mower depends upon the lawn mower engines. The power of all the engines is measured by a unit called horse power. One horse power or hp is equal to 745.7 watts. The greater the horse power of lawn mower engines, the better it is likely to perform. The engine is attached to the cutting base containing blades through a pulley system. As the engine turns the cutting blade moves the blades which cut the grass. The greater the horse powers, the more revolutions per minute will the cutting base make and the quicker and the easier will the cutting of grass take place.

As already mentioned, not all the responsibility of the lawnmower’s performance is held by the engine, other parts for lawnmower are equally important. These parts are:

• Bearings and Bushings
• Blades
• Mulching Blades and Mulching Kits
• Electric Clutches
• Fuel, Air and Transmission Filters
• Grass Catchers
• Handle Parts
• Pulleys
• Solenoids
• Wheel parts and Wheels
This is a list of parts for lawnmower that are produced by almost all the companies that produce lawnmowers. Some of the best companies for lawnmowers and lawnmower parts are Honda, MTD, Poulan, and Lawn chief etc.

Most often than not, the part that requires the greatest amount of care is the engine of the lawnmower because of its complex structure and load handling. It is suggested that the engines parts should be replaced as and when required without any delay as an unhealthy part affects the performance and life of the engine.

Briggs and Stratton parts are one of the most reliable engine parts. The best dealers around the world suggest Briggs and Stratton parts as they are the leading manufacturers of small engine parts around the globe and have established themselves in the market by providing high quality parts and superior service. The Briggs and Stratton parts are the following:

• Carburetor parts, rebuild kits and fuel filters.
• Ignition parts
• Maintenance kits
• Solenoids and Regulators
• Starters, Kits and Parts
• Fuel Preservers
• Gaskets and Mufflers
Many people do not want to buy the brand new parts because of their high cost but this is not suggested for new Lawnmowers as they might bring the performance down. For those who have lawnmowers are being used for a long time and some parts have already been replaced and the lawnmower is sure not to work for too long, old and used parts that can be bought at 40% lesser than the original cost can be a very good option

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