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How to choose a battery for you Motor home

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Date: Sun, 9 Oct 2011 Time: 12:21 AM

Whether you own a diesel or gas motor home you will need a good battery. Batteries generally have a life span of 5 to 6 years and most RV’s required a 12 volt battery.

Starting Battery

Let’s start with the most basic, shortest powered, generally cheapest battery; the starting battery. The battery cranks over the engine, sending off a massive burst of energy, however does not last long and is not design too. The batteries lifespan is shorter than conventional deep cycle batteries and does not produce as much constant power. When continually using and recharging the starting battery, the lifespan of the battery is greatly reduced.

Marine Deep Cycle Battery

This is not a conventional deep cycle battery, rather a cross between a deep cycle and starting battery. Power generated to the RV can be sustained for longer periods of time then a starting battery, but not as long as a conventional deep cycle. Lifespan and recharging is also more favourable than a starting battery.

Conventional Deep Cycle Batteries

Deep cycle batteries do not posses the same amount of burst power as a starting battery, rather they provide a small burst of energy over a long period of time. The batteries can be continuously charged and used while still lasting much longer than a starting or marine battery.

How many volts? 6x2 or 12

Most RV’s are powered by 12 volt batteries, however a lot of professionals will tell you that two 6 volt batteries can power your RV for much longer than one 12 volt. Some people even suggest that four 6 volt batteries provide a lower level of power for double the amount of time, which can be quite handy when travelling around areas not connected to electricity grids. Another way to extend your RV’s battery life to equip the RV with a solar charger.

3 points to remember

1. No matter what type of battery you have, the battery will not make your generator start any better.

2. Regular car batteries are replaced frequently; on the other hand deep cycle batteries are designed for long usage and constant charging and discharging. Car batteries are not designed with this purpose in mind, however RV batteries as the name implies are specifically designed for your motor home.

3. There is always the chance that you will have a power failure or your battery’s power output may just give way. A deep cycle battery will keep your RV powered for longer periods of time than regular batteries.

When making a purchase we should always look into the long run, because by trying to save money now, you may end up paying triple down the track. The bottom line is that for standard use a 12 volt deep cycle battery would be best suited, however if your looking to save more money down the track then two 6 volt deep cycle batteries would be ideal. For those of us who like to travel out into non electricity-grid reliant areas for long periods of time, then four 6 volt deep cycles batteries would be best for your RV. These products seem more costly, but considering the long term they are much more cost effective than regular batteries.

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