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A Guide on Totting Up

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Date: Sun, 8 Jan 2012 Time: 11:56 PM

There is a trick with every motoring offence. You may get away from the offence by paying heavy penalty, or even dealing the matter at courts, but you would carry certain penalty points.    

What is  Totting up ?


This is a procedure that is mostly enforced when a driver reaches a whopping 12 penalty points within a period of three calendar years. Mostly  Careless driving leads to penalties and as a result penalty points are added into the account. It is not that a single incident may result in acquiring only a single penalty point. It is the type of fault will result in the amount of points the defaulter is acquiring. 


Either different incidents may result in acquiring PPs or one single act of carelessness can result in acquiring 12 PPs. The court provides its decision according to number of penalty points. In most cases, the court will impose a disqualification notice for a period of minimum six months. During this period, the accused personal will never be able to perform the act of driving in a legal way. In fact, the license will be seized for this period of time. 


Likewise, if the defaulter is having 9 PPs, and again that individual commits a motoring offence that can be resolved through a normal FPN, the individual cannot accept the notice. It is because, once the notice is accepted, the penalty points will get increased to 12. As totting up banning procedure can be imposed only through court hearing procedure, therefore such offences can be dealt through issuing of Summons. 


If your license is seized for the particular period of days, then you will not be able to drive any sort of motor vehicles within that prescribed period.  Once the period of banning gets over, the entire penalty points are removed and you can start your driving without any past constraints.

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