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Used Cars Classic Cars

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by: rgroves
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Date: Thu, 17 Feb 2011 Time: 10:10 PM

Well hello and thanks for finding my notes about some of the cars I've owned.

This started as a simple project about some of the many cars I've owned since I started driving at the age of 15 years old in 1974.  As I listed out some of the many used cars that I've had the privilege of owning over the years, it became clear to me that what I considered used vehicles back then are now classics!  I was a bit shocked at this realization, but the more research I did on the various cars I've owned, the more I discovered that I have owned some great, classic vehicles and so I thought I would feature some of them here.

I've never been one to borrow money to buy a car so therefore, I have had an interesting collection of vehicles over the years.  Some were purchased for a few hundred dollars and some for a few thousand dollars and every one of them have proven to be a great deal.  There were a few times when I was lured into the bank and took out a car loan and in retrospect, those vehicles were some of my least favorite, not so much from a performance standpoint, but from the anxiety that was placed on my shoulders from knowing I had to make those payments each month.  After a few lessons in depreciation, I was convinced that financing vehicles was a poor way of spending my hard-earned dollars and I redirected my financing into the area of real estate and that has proven to be a much better venture.  Perhaps I'll share some of those stories in future articles, but for now, please have a look at some of the great vehicles I've owned by clicking the following link.  Take a few minutes to enjoy the featured vehicles, leave some feedback and even view some of the vehicles currently available for purchase. 

Thanks for stopping by and "Enjoy the Ride"!

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