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How to buy a good car?

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by: jamesrms
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Date: Wed, 24 Nov 2010 Time: 1:03 AM

Buying a brandishing,brand new car really gives us pleasure. Most often people just go for looks of a particular vehicle or car and they later complain about the performance and maintenance of car.
Auto buying is no less than an art.
When we shop for vehicles,we must examine  minutely the car we are going to buy.
We must see every aspects of the chosen car. A balance between the looks and performance of the vehicle should be taken care of.
The following points will help you in better auto buying experience.

1.Go through good automobile magazines,so that you may decide which sort of vehicle you want to buy. In addition to this you may find some review sections to be very useful and informative.
2.If you are tech-savvy ,you may subscribe to automobile discussion and various forums..Forums and discussions really explore you to various types of automobiles and their performance in long time.
3.You should shop around various shops to compare different models,along with their prices
4.Try to buy a car from a reputed company and good dealers. In fact reputed car companies give you extended warranty and servicing facility.
5.Try to buy a car that may fulfill your requirements. For ex: If you have small family,you may go for small car. If you have get more family members,always ensure sitting accommodation.
6.Wherever possible, go for a lighter car,as it will give you more fuel economy.

7.Never forget to negotiate on MRP(maximum retail price) . It will surely save you some bucks.

8.Expensive cars are not always good! It's better to see your requirements first.
9.Choose a car that has really proved to be a good one in the terms of performance and endurance.
10.Plan your budget according to your need and financial condition
11.Get your car insured ,as soon as you buy one.

12.Get invoice prices from various dealers from your locality, it will help you to know the exact prices of various models of cars.

   Another point that I would like to add is , If you want to have cars for short duration ;you should not always bother about buying it. Rather we may go for a car rental company. This really saves your money. Don't you think so?

13.If possible ,accompany a trusted car mechanic while purchasing a car. A mechanic will let you know about various pros and cons of car.

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