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Audi Car Sales Increase 210% in March 2011

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Date: Wed, 13 Apr 2011 Time: 12:23 AM

The popularity of Audi rims and tires may be an indication of gradually improving worldwide acceptance of the brand, as Audi car sales jumped 210% in March of 2011 in Indian markets.

In total, Audi sold 681 cars in India during March of 2011. Car companies often compare their sales figures from month-to-month to the previous year's numbers, and as the company only sold 220 cars in March of 2010, the new number is considered to be a very positive sign of company growth.

"Our impressive performance this quarter is testimony to the positive customer response to progressive design, exceptional service standards and cutting – edge technology," said Michael Perschke, head of Audi India.

Worldwide, Audi sales have been increasing due to the cars in the company's 2011 lineup and some improvements in the world economy, which may have made the market easier for new luxury car owners. Indian sales figures can be attributed to Audi's relative market dominance with its newer luxury car models and may be indicative of the car company's performance in other markets.

New Audi models have been touted as the defining factor in the brand's exceptional performance.

"[Audi has] defended our leadership position in the SUV segment with the Q7 and Q5 and have made a remarkable footprint with the new A8," said Perschke in a press release. "Even in the super sports car segment [and] the new additions to the R8 family have received a tremendous response.”

Sales of Audi rims have also increased, indicating the popularity of the car's looks and aesthetic qualities. Aftermarket Audi rims and factory Audi rims are both popular options for new car owners who want to improve the handling or looks of their Audis.

Audi rims are even popular with car owners who don't have Audis in many instances. This is because Audi rims have a distinctive look and feel that is prized by custom car fans in the United States and in many other countries. Some third party manufacturers replicate the look of Audi rims and Audi wheels by using materials that are similar or exactly the same. And as such, they are able to offer replica Audi rims at a much lower price than what would be available through the factory, where prices are scaled up to reflect the Audi brand's luxury and name recognition.

Car buyers interested in Audi rims should consider both factory and aftermarket options. While Audi rims may be gaining in popularity as much as the cars themselves, experts warn that consumers can get the best deals by looking online for Audi rims and rims from other manufacturers.

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