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Avoiding Scams on Car Leases

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by: nosecaitlin
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Date: Mon, 12 Mar 2012 Time: 7:45 AM

With car leasing companies becoming very greedy and looking for ways of getting everything out of you making them device policies and ways of wiping you clean. A lot of customers are ignorant, they don’t read and understand company policies or know how to use their rights hence fall victims to such unscrupulous dealers. Only informed customers that educated of their right and car rental policies are able to escape this trap.

The following are the ways of protecting yourself after leasing a car.

1. Fill up your tank. Ensure that you have filled up the tank before and the needle is on F before returning the car. There are some leasing companies that have harsh penalties on customers that return leased car with half full tanks even if you picked it while half full. Make sure that you have read the company policy or asked such questions so that you are not caught napping and forced to pay extra cash. 

2. Keep in touch with your dealer. Make sure that you communicate regularly with your leasing company and most important make sure that you contact them whenever you are thinking of making leasing plans. Most companies will charge you a penalty or not refund your money in case you shorten your lease period or fine you. It’s is very important you notify them so that you know your consequences or rearrange your plans depending on the penalty that you will face. Some companies do not fine customers or refund them in case they change their car leasing companies, these are the companies that you should choose. 

3. Return the car on time. Make sure that you return the car, not too early or after the expiry of the lease period. Different companies have different terms of service and they have the right to fine you in case you return the car too early or past the expiry period. You can make or highlight this date on your calendar because sometimes due to our daily activities we tend to forget such important dates that can have economical impacts.

4. Don’t buy extra car insurance. Insurance is one of the factors that you consider when searching and shopping for a car leasing company. If you already have insurance DO NOT buy extra insurance cover. There are some car leasing companies that are looking to capitalize on customers that do not know their rights by selling them extra insurance making them a lot of money in the long run. Choose a company that will not sell you any extra insurance.

Information is powerful, knowing and understanding company policies plus knowing and using your rights well protect you from greedy dealers who are only after your money. Make sure that you understand even the laws especially accident laws that govern the city that you will lease an automobile, most states have different laws therefore you may not be required to pay for the damages in some states even if you caused it.   

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Cynthia Lambert is a Danish guest blogger for various article directories with focus on reviewing car loans (or "billån" as referred to in Danish) and car financing (also referred to as "finansiering bil" in Danish).

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