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Cat back exhaust - improves efficiency of engine, saves fuel

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by: LouieLiu
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Date: Fri, 16 Dec 2011 Time: 12:50 AM

In a manufacturing industry besides the main product some by-products also come up. On occasions, the manufacturers do find uses for these by-products. The main function of an automobile engine is to generate power by the process of combustion; but it also produces some by-products in the form of spent gases. These spent gases not only have no use but while escaping exert back pressure on the engine which is detrimental to the combustion process. The cat back exhaust system reduces the back pressure. The system starts after the catalytic converter. The spent gases have some very harmful components; the catalytic converter neutralizes these components so that they are not that harmful before being released in the atmosphere. The cat back exhaust system has wide diameter pipes through which the spent gases are expelled without experiencing much resistance. The back pressure on the engine is considerably reduced. The engine with a cat back exhaust system generates more power for the same quantity of fuel than an engine without such a system. Thus it helps you economize on fuel.

Cat back exhaust system comes into play after the spent gases escape from the engine; and there is another device called cold air intake which comes before the engine to bring in cold atmospheric air into it. Air is an important ingredient in the combustion process as the fuel will not burn without the oxygen component of the air. Any paucity of air will adversely affect the process and consequently the engine will generate less power than what it is meant to generate. Why cold air is preferred? Cold air is preferred because it is denser than the hot air. Air inside the engine becomes hot and hence lighter which means there is less of air by weight. Plentiful supply of cold air through the cold air intake enables the engine to generate more power.

By using cat back exhaust system and cold air intake you economize on fuel and also reduce pollution as less fuel means less of pollution. You can select cat back exhaust system and cold air intake of your choice on internet. You can know more about cat back exhaust at

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