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Venice Theatre

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by: martinapp
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Date: Mon, 11 Oct 2010 Time: 3:10 AM

Thanks to important festivals such as the movie ended just like that of architecture or moments of high artistic and cultural city that bring to the fore in the international world. No coincidence that many hotels in Venice are offering special packages for these days only a few steps (or strokes!) From the venue for the event.

The Biennale Foundation is certainly a point of reference for the physical and cultural activities that take place throughout the year and involve not only artists but also high-level fans of the genre and especially students in these initiatives may find useful concepts for their studies and attend seminars, meetings and exhibitions of interest not to be missed.
An example is the less known but no less well-known and appreciated, the Biennale of Theatre which will see the unfolding of its 41 th edition in October 2011 namely 10 to 16. Less well-known sisters of cinema and architecture biennale on this structure mainly in workshops and meetings with the public. The purpose of the biennial theater it is to promote contact and the upgrading of the art of the stage through the approach of the filmmakers, actors and professionals with the public. This year will be the turn of the directors who meet the public during meetings to be held in Ca 'Giustiniani. Exactly five will be the big names who will provide their expertise and creativity for young actors and the audience that Romeo Castellucci, Rodrigo Garcia, Jan Lauwers, Ricardo Bartis and Thomas Ostermeier.

In addition to these meetings for a wider audience are scheduled several workshops for professional actors that will result in performance which will be held during the Festival 41 October 2011. The workshops will last one week each, and then easily go take a room in Venice, and represent unique opportunities for the exchange of knowledge among the actors, lighting designers, playwrights, teachers, theorists and teachers where they will have the opportunity to discuss not only each other but also with the participation of the public about their experiences, observations and reflections on the state of contemporary theater and its possible evolution. Given their importance performing such workshops are aimed at professionals who may attend, upon registration of the notice and overcome, the lessons of the masters mentioned above. The second week of the workshop will be held later next year behind the performance.

But not only that these initiatives are aimed at professionals, it is large harvest in the calendar of public workshops to be held, inter alia, on the weekend to allow everyone to attend and why not take advantage to have a good weekend Venice. Also cited shortly before the directors will be those who held workshops with the public precisely will be held from October 2010 to December 2010 and that will deepen the general public to know and satisfy their curiosity about the world of theater and her constant experimentation and evolution.

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