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How to make your disco ball shine

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by: Gareth Hoyle
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Date: Mon, 14 Nov 2011 Time: 10:39 AM

A disco ball is an iconic symbol associated with disco and the 70s era. Nowadays disco ball brings back nostalgia and adds retro sparkle to any event or party. Disco ball is a mirror ball that is commonly hung on the ceiling and the mirror ball catches the rays from strobe lights to create dancing lights throughout a room. You can create different flashes of colour with the disco ball from using different colour LED lights which are readily available in many online stores and in-store retailers. You can find disco ball in varying sizes from small 5 inch disco ball for your desktop at work or side table in the home. Or if you are organising an event and would like to find the a disco ball to be the centrepiece in the party room then you may need to think about how big the disco ball will be. A bigger disco ball naturally creates vast amounts of lights to shine around the room. If you want the disco ball to be the focal point and create a disco effect then you may want to go for a larger disco ball especially if the disco ball is to be placed in a large dance hall. Rotating disco ball means the lights will rotate around the room and advanced disco ball allows you to vary the rotating speed. Disco ball can play a big part of your party stage and can also be used in TV shows, clubs, shops and other ad hoc spaces or for used as a back drop for professional photo sessions. To make the disco ball shine brightly you will need to use disco lighting effects and create excitement in a dance room. Advanced disco ball can be digitally linked to computers which sync the lighting with the music. Mirror ball fans could extend this style by acquiring different shaped furniture and décor pieces that is covered in small facets of mirrors such as pod chairs, tables and chairs, desks and small ornaments that look great in the home, office or party.

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