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Active speakers

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by: Gareth Hoyle
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Date: Wed, 14 Sep 2011 Time: 8:00 AM

Active speakers have a built in amplifier which means that they can connected directly to your mixing console or sound source such as CD players or computers without the need for an external amp. This can save money which is an advantage. Other advantages include built in limiting, needing less cabling and they avoid speaker to speaker amplifier matching. Active speakers tend to offer a more superior sound quality than other types of speakers and can offer more flexibility to users.

Active speakers are a great choice to use wherever space is limited. Active speakers come in a fantastic range of sizes, designs and colours. You can buy them in pairs or in single units. Active speakers are produced by many different manufactures so you may want some advice from specialist retailers before you make your purchase. Because of the vast choice of speakers available they can vary greatly in price so make sure you shop around once you have decided which speakers you want to make sure you get the best price.

Active speakers are used for many different purposes. Hotels, bars, pubs and clubs may invest in active speakers to use for entertainment purposes and PA systems. They provide great sound quality for any live events such as bands and entertainment acts. If you are a DJ and have DJ decks but are looking for good quality speakers to complement your system then active speakers could be the perfect choice. If you are just staring out as a DJ and are looking for all the necessary equipment to get stated then you will more than likely be able to purchase DJ decks and active speakers from the same retailer.

Becoming a DJ is a great hobby and if you are good enough then you can even make it into a career. If this is your intention then investing in good quality DJ decks and active speakers is a must to get you started. It is a good idea to seek advice from other DJ’s to find out about the best sound equipment that you will need and how much is it likely to cost. You may be able to pick up some good quality second hand DJ decks and active speakers if you have time to look around.

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