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Unique Banners - State Of Nevada

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by: mloveland
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Date: Thu, 13 Jan 2011 Time: 11:27 PM

The state flag of Nevada as flown and displayed from flag poles in our day, displays a blue colored field or background with a silver colored star in the upper part of the state banner. The star is surrounded with the text "Nevada" and "Battle Born" in a golden yellow color. Nevada officially became a state during the Civil War of America and (because of its natural resources) is referred to at times as the "Silver State."

Nevada is known for its natural resources. Mining companies of all kinds mine various locations in the territory searching for (especially) gold and silver. Interestingly, and somewhat obviously, the flag's design has certain representations with regards to these resources. The blue colored field of the state banner is said to tie in the blue segments of the Star Spangled Banner, or the national flag of the U.S.A, which has flown from aluminum and steel flag poles for decades and centuries in various parts of the world.

Considered by some to be the capital of Nevada, Las Vegas is not but is the largest city in the state in terms of population. Interestingly, and over time, Las Vegas was given the title of "Sin City," as a result of its tolerance towards various forms of entertainment. This explains why the city has become an attraction to those that produce movies and shows of all kinds.

The current flag design ties all the way back to a design competition that was held in 1926. At the time, the winning flag design (produced by Louis Shellback) was changed slightly because of the state legislature. The 2 houses disagreed over the placement of the word Nevada on the state banner. Following a compromise, a law was signed that officially marked the adoption of the flag of Nevada.

Even though a compromise was found some 80 years ago, and was signed into law a short while after, a "researcher" discovered that the flag design did not reflect the agreement that was made in the 1920-s. Following this discovery, another law was brought into existence fairly recently, specifying the absolute location of the text Nevada in relation to the silver star on the state flag of Nevada.

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