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Military Patches Are Works of Art

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by: whitescot
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Date: Mon, 13 Dec 2010 Time: 3:30 AM

Military patches have long been admired by those in the military, as well as civilians. Linked to days when knights wore their family crests, military patches still tell a story. They are beautiful, detailed and often very symbolic in their appearance. A patch can instantly communicate with others by telling a brief story with their image. The beauty of an embroidered patch can have deep significance. Patches often identify a specific unit or division, and can quickly be recognized by others to make them aware of the information. Often, the soldiers military patches will change as different career opportunities take place. For example, if a soldier switches job responsibilities or divisions their patch will change as well. Custom military patches are not an uncommon thing. Many people in the military enjoy having an elaborate patch made by hand to be proudly worn on their uniform. Exotic threads are often used to provide rich color and detail to embroidered patches. Silk will give a nice sheen and luster to a patch, while wool or acrylic, will give depth and dimension to a custom patch. Colors can change from subtle to dramatic to create a very detailed and intriguing patch. Embroidered military patches are often used to allow the beautiful story of a patch to unfold. The thread can be hand stitched to create a very detailed and graphic object or insignia. Wearing embroidered military patches is one of the pleasures of service life. Even gold and silver bullion is used to make embroidered patches from. An expertly made embroidered patch is much richer and detailed than a printed patch. Sometimes a military patch is designed by the troops themselves to signify their commitment and involvement in a specific location or task. This allows them to actively participate in the creation process and makes the patch particularly popular with a soldier. Any type patch can be embroidered into a rich design. There are even collectors of military patches across the world. Patches from World War II are particularly collectable by those who look for the unusual and beautiful handwork pieces. The 82nd Airborne patch is one that collectors often seek because of the great significance the paratroopers played in the war itself. Often they are richly embroidered military patches with great detail. Not only are military patches historically significant, they also can become great collector pieces for future generations. 

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