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Magic of the Melodious Melodeon

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by: Joseph O Connor
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Date: Tue, 31 Jan 2012 Time: 2:20 AM

Music is the best way of expression as it allows musicians to connect with their inner selves and with God. It is like a drug that can enter your nerves and take you to a different world. Musical instruments are required to create music and there are several instruments available that can produce different sounds. Music can be produced with the help of air, water and different materials that affect sound waves. People who have a keen ear for music know the difference between sounds. You can create unique sound with the help of these instruments enabling yourself to travel every quarter of the world. Different musical instruments bring their own flavor with melodeons being a prime example of such instruments in which people like to learn.

Melodeons, also known as the cabinet organ or American organ, are musical instruments which operate in a similar manner to a mouth organ. They were developed from the harmonica, which consisted of a single row of ten buttons on the treble side accompanied with two bass buttons. This incredible instrument can produce a variety of sounds. Like every musical instrument, melodeon history is unique. This diatonic accordion was first designed in Germany and was used to provide the music for country dances and other social events. Today, this button-key accordion plays a significant role in traditional music in countries like Ireland and the U.K. These instruments have the same fingering system like the harmonica and are easy to play as well as being very easy to maintain. Another benefit is that these instruments are inexpensive as you can easily find them anywhere at affordable prices.

There are different types of melodeons available in the market. One row instruments are one of the most basic and easiest accordion types to learn for beginners. Today’s model instruments have one-row of ten treble buttons, usually tuned in either the keys of D or G, and between two to four bass buttons. These were the earliest accordion designs on the market and are still manufactured today. They were first known as “Vienna” or “German Style” diatonic accordions. This instrument is not very difficult to maintain though it is important to bear some points in mind. You should never open or close the bellows without pressing a button. If you want to begin playing this instrument, you should use the air release button to get started. If your melodeon is in need of repair it is important to hand it over to professionals than to look for an unqualified person.

You can explore the internet to know more about melodeons. Here you will come across many sites that will enlighten you about melodeon music, melodeon recordings, etc. on these sites where you can also learn to play the melodeon and get some easy tips on playing melodeon. All you need to do is look for a reliable website that can quench your thirst for your favorite musical instrument.

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