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Josh Fink –The Renowned Aesthetician

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by: LelouchLambourne
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Date: Wed, 25 Jan 2012 Time: 11:53 PM

Josh Fink is a world famous Aesthetic physician, a certified Internal medicine physician and a chiropractor. As an aesthetic physician, He has specialized in chemical peels, Botox, juvederm, cellulite treatment, restylane, blood vessel removal, and laser based hair removal treatment. If you desire to look younger and prettier, then Dr. Josh is the right choice for you. You can trust him blindly, when it comes to any kind of cosmetic surgery.

Dr. Josh Fink’sAcademic Background:

His scholastic achievements are evident from the fact that he did his graduation from SUNY Downsate, which is a well known Medical College. Then he did his internship in 2 different institutes, the Mt. Sinai and George Washington Hospitals. Subsequently, he went on to complete his fellowship in 2 other places, namely the New York and Beth Israel Hospitals.

Unique way of Treatment:

This renowned Aesthetician throws Parties for people, who aspire to look younger and brighter. These parties are known as "kiss and tell” parties. You have the option of visiting the party and get to know about all the surgical and non surgical procedures offered such as Botox, Restylane, Juvederm, and chemical peels. You can visit his place with your pals and hang out and share few drinks.  Dr Fink along with his committed team of professionals also educates people on various forms of cosmetic treatments that are available for them to look younger.

It’s a real time fun attending the parties where patients can call their friends & family for a get together along with body massages and other comforting treatments by Dr. Fink’s team. It is not just an ordinary party, since the guests will look 5 years younger than their usual age. You can just get yourself treated and pampered and have fun with your pals at your home, office or nearly anywhere you like.

Dr. Fink has this unique way of treating the patients, who fear getting on operation tables. He also tries to reach out to them by providing the opportunity of getting treated anywhere they want. So, if you are interested in meeting Josh Fink, you can either book an appointment or contact him online. Apart from that you can also add him on social networking site such as Twitter or Facebook and stay updated on the new techniques of staying beautiful.

He has visited many places such as United States, Asian Countries and in Australia. Having recognized, as the best doctor for medical aesthetics, he is working as Chief Mentor at IAMAP. He has been awarded for his contribution to Aesthetic Science.

So, if you have any urge to look beautiful, contact Josh Fink immediately. His valuable advice will surely make you look elegant and graceful.


About the Author

Dr. Josh Fink is a well-known expert in the cosmetic field, especially in various laser techniques. Dr. Josh Fink has been involved in aesthetic research, and has acted as investigator for various trials over his year of practice.

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