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Inkjet Canvas: Important Considerations

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by: picturemaster
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Date: Mon, 27 Dec 2010 Time: 11:55 PM

Inkjet canvas printing technology has come of age. People these days have begun to show added interest in Inkjet canvas printing. Moreover, a larger section of society has also come to terms with accepting inkjet canvas as a so called “gifting idea”. Now, when to the issue of an ideal inkjet canvas art, the importance of a good inkjet paper can always be felt. Hence, it becomes very important that you choose the right inkjet photo paper. Here is a list of some key considerations that will help you choose the right inkjet canvas paper.

Objective: This is something very important. Make sure that you have a clear cut idea of the objective or the wholesome purpose of choosing a particular inkjet canvas. Your wants and needs are very different things. We always tend to want the more expensive item when in reality we only need the plain jane model. A key component of the objective section is the weight of the paper. All printer paper, inkjet included, is measured in gsm or grammes per square meter. A very lightweight paper for your inkjet printer would be 60gsm. When you walk into any store and buy a ream (500 sheets) of inkjet paper you'll find that the stock on display is 80gsm. This is a general purpose weight paper suitable for photocopiers, inkjet and laser printers.  What if you need a heavier weight paper? This shouldn’t pose a problem in any well stocked office supply or computer store. Inkjet paper also comes in 90gsm, 100gsm and higher grades. You'll find that heavier papers give you crisper text and less ink bleed also. Do bear in mind that every inkjet printer has a maximum paper thickness it can handle. If you're buying paper in weights of 110gsm - 125gsm consult your printer documentation before you feed very heavy paper through it - otherwise you risk seriously damaging your printer.

Styles: Make sure that you purchase an inkjet canvas paper as per the style requirement of the art. The requirements may include single sided printing, two way printing, multi directional printing and more.

I hope these inputs help you understand the importance of choosing the right inkjet canvas paper.

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