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Graphic design and the role of digital agencies in graphic designing

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by: AngeloEverton
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Date: Tue, 11 Jan 2011 Time: 3:26 AM

 Graphic design is the most modern means of spreading an illustrated message to people for various purposes. Graphic has now added dimensions as a way of business as digital agencies step into the market with their amazing ideas to offer. Graphic arts are a two-dimensional representation of an idea or message, created through a variety of techniques like typography, visual aesthetics and page layout designing etc. The word “graphic design” was first made of use by the American book designer William Addison Dwiggins in 1922. The digital media Dublin has also grown by leaps and bounds.


In old days, the first crudest form of graphics was probably the charcoal and colored chalk drawings our ancestors left on the wall caves for us depicting their activities like hunting, war fares, their living styles etc. These were a lot significant as they helped us to understand what the way of life our fathers had. Then came the Egyptians with their introduction of the technique of hieroglyphics using symbols and pictures as the standard form of writing. So, the concept of graphic design is not that new at all. Only these days, as science has made tremendous progress the idea of an illustration conveying meaning has found new dimensions around us. Especially as the old techniques of painting a picture or carving a block to obtain the print in ink are now succeeded by digital drawing and crafting.


The technique is used for the commercial and marketing purposes e.g. text publications such as books, magazines, even newspapers, the brand symbols and company logos, and even the products have their name color and pictures to make them unique and one of a kind. As the population has increased so has the number of products to be used by the people.   This has further lead to the need for the graphic and the web designers to grant a separate identity to the innumerable categories of businesses, companies, agencies and whatever they have to offer.


Every little toothpick, pin or even cotton bud we use comes in a package meticulously architectured by the graphic designers not to mention the enormous companies who owe their entire identity even their business to these graphic designers. Moreover as the internet has made world the global village and the tradesmen have started advertising online the website designers are to be thanked. They have prepared and provided the best communication and business opportunities to the people to expand their work online yet keeping it different and easy to recognize.


As graphic design turns to real business in this age of internet and e-commerce, there are now an increasing number of digital creative agencies available to do as one bid. There are complete programs offered for inspired and resourceful management of a person or brand’s needs.


There are many digital creators and digital agencies in Dublin with a stream of fresh and ingenious ideas to give a boom to anyone’s juvenile production. The digital agencies in Dublin offer a diversity of internet based products like web designing, e-mail marketing, banner advertising, search engine optimization, social marketing etc. etc.

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