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Offering help to any aspiring actor or actress

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by: Dirk Rowell
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Date: Sun, 13 Nov 2011 Time: 3:38 AM

When you want to pursue a career in acting, if you require the latest information about when the next set of casting calls are happening, finding this data can be difficult. This could be because you do not have the right contacts. If you are looking for work as an extra, this can help to boost any profile as it will increase your experience. TV shows and films require a specific number of extras and this is why being an extra is very popular. Thanks to our services, we can help.

The text messages which we send you can feature TV, theatre or model work. When we find out the latest information about particular acting auditions, the full details are then forwarded. We cut out the third party involved in locating your next audition by using our own contacts and experience so that only relevant audition calls are sent to you. Our services are available to those who are 18 years and over only. We charge £1.50 per text with a maximum of 3 texts per week sent. It is very easy to subscribe to our services and even more simple if you no longer want to receive texts.

Being an actor or actress can be a tough career choice. By choosing the assistance of a recognised company which has helped many people to appear in the next big Hollywood blockbuster or even in a leading television reality series will enable you to be completely successful. For further information about the acting auditions services which we can provide, please contact us. Thanks to our assistance, details about casting calls will be sent to you as soon as we know about them.

We look forward to hearing from you and, most importantly, we believe that your career will feel the full benefits as well.

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