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Ink cartridges for fax machines

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by: Rutland Savour
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Date: Sun, 2 May 2010 Time: 5:53 AM

Acting auditions are always daunting no matter how great your experience. However tackling the nerves is a must if you are to give your best performance, which is why it is essential to arrive fully prepared and ready for whatever might be thrown at you.

It is important to remember that an audition panel will want you to do well. People rarely call actors to an audition hoping or expecting that they will give an inadequate performance. In fact whether it is a casting director, director, producer or all three, they will naturally assume that you are a talented actor. What will impress them is your professionalism, organisation and scope.

Always arrive on time to an audition or casting call. Tardiness is by no means tolerated in this business, particularly for television or film projects where it could end up costing the producers substantial amounts of money. Be sure to arrive anywhere between fifteen minutes to half an hour early to give yourself time to relax and focus.

If you are required to learn a script or speech, learn it like the back of your hand. There is no excuse for a lack of preparation, and anyone who walks into an audition making excuses will be disregarded immediately. If you are required to perform a speech, make sure that you have several other contrasting speeches learnt and ready in case they wish to see something else.

Confidence is the key. You want to make a lasting impression in an audition by being self-assured rather than a bag of nerves, and a well prepared actor has no reason to feel under confident.

At Audition Now we can provide you with theatre television casting calls straight to your mobile phone via text message, giving you all the information you need for the latest audition.

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