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How to ensure quality sound while you watch the movie at your home using home theater.

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Date: Fri, 28 May 2010 Time: 11:44 PM

Almost all home theater users are familiar with the trepidation of 60Hz hum problem that often occur with the speakers. We often observe this noise with other’s sound system and not with our own. Sometimes the problem nips with a little effort but the problem becomes more severe and irritating. Let’s have a look at where that problem comes from. 

The most basic reason for the humming sound in home theater speakers is the grounding problem. Commonly three types of ground problems cause humming in a video or audio system. The problem is mainly due to lack of grounds, improper grounding and ground loops. Lousy cables, a defective piece of equipment or electrical attenuation due to some electric motor, lighting dimmer or some magnetic field also play role to produce humming noise in your theater system home.

The first thing to solve this problem is to detect the source that is causing this noise. Disconnect your source and flaunt the equipment from the surround sound processor or receiver. If the noise ceases, reconnect them to the processor or the receiver till the noise returns. When the hum returns, you have found the source of entrance of noise into your theater system home. Keep in mind that you are more prone to this problem if you are using remote connection or long cables for your equipment.

The noise may also occur due the improper ground cables of the TV. To diagnose this problem, detach the incoming cable TV from the rear of the TV or the cable box leaving the rest connected to the system. If the noise remains no longer then the problem lies in the cable TV. So always ensure to check the specifications about the device you are going to purchase whether it will conduct the digital cable TV signals or not.

Isolation transformers are another effective solution for hum noise in home theaters and subwoofer theaters. They are quite similar to the type that discussed above for solving cable TV ground setbacks. These transformers are added in line with the audio connection between two components. If the audio connection fails, current might be flowing through the video segment.

Electrical dimmers and refrigerator compressors have been found a potential source of noise in system theaters.  Power conditioners of high quality can eliminate or at least reduce the noise. Moreover, good quality cables also inhibit electrical interference from such equipments. To ensure that there is no interconnecting cable causing the noise in the speakers, swap the cables with one you know to be working good. Also consider the presence of some magnetic field that strongly affects the quality of sound.

It is not really difficult to cope with the noise problems in Systems Theater and subwoofer theaters. A step-by step approach can help overcoming this issue. Detach the components of the systems theater one by one till you have just the wiring of the speakers connected. If still the speakers hum, the speakers’ wiring is inducing noise from adjacent power cables. On the other hand, improper grounding causes most of the noise problems.

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