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Get a heads up on acting auditions

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by: Arthor Greenwald
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Date: Mon, 2 May 2011 Time: 2:48 AM

Breaking into acting is hard work. There are so many people chasing only a limited number of parts. It's a real scramble to get noticed. So if there is any way of getting a heads up, an aspiring actor or actress should grab it with both hands. Because a break in this business can be hard to come by.

The trick is to be in the know. To find out when and where the auditions are taking place to stand any sort of chance. Otherwise that dream casting and that dream part might just slip through the fingers.

Which is easier said than done. Actors can't devote every waking moment to chasing down auditions. They have to hold down jobs too to keep the money coming in to support the dreams of stardom. This is why more and more budding actors are turning to Audition Now. It's an alert service to bring jobs and opportunities to the attention of those who want to try out for them. The actor or actress simply signs up and receives alerts each week for acting auditions that are relevant to the parts they are looking for.

Without a service like this, looking for acting auditions can be a long and tortuous struggle. No one wants wasted and demoralising trips to see directors and agents, only to find out they have cast someone already or that they just aren't right for the role. With the text service from Audition Now, actors only receive targeted and relevant job details for productions that are hiring right now. It saves time and keeps the budding actor focused on the right opportunities.

Signing up is fast and easy, but please note that users of this service must be 18 years or over. It costs £1.50 per text with a maximum of 3 texts sent per week.

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