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51: Just connect your PC with internet to watch movies online for free
In the era of information technology and internet, we are facilitated with a number of options of entertainment. So, who would like to miss it when it comes absolutely free of cost? Yes! Internet h

52: Getting auditions without an agent
Finding work as an extra or actor can be extremely tough if you don’t know who, when and where is casting. Acquiring an agent is an ideal way to gain access to auditions and casting calls.

53: Know your casting
The acting business is inundated with people of all shapes and sizes, and the unfortunate fact is that for every one of you.

54: Greater network bandwidths has meant that streaming movies is easy
These days being able to watch movies online has become commonplace. Advances in computer networking technology and most people owning powerful home computers has meant increased incidences of people being able to stream movies from online movie streaming companies straight onto their laptops and watch movies in the comfort of their own homes. With the digital media age well and truly upon us, there is also increasing consumer demand now for streaming high definition (HD) content into people’s homes and the industry in a market place where the technologically is rapidly moving forward,

55: iTunes U gives a new stage to the Royal Opera House
For many, a trip behind the scenes of an opera or ballet performance at The Royal Opera House remains an unfulfilled fantasy, yet The Royal Opera House on iTunes U can now offer exactly that. Whether you have a love affair with the performing arts, are studying, training or working within this cultural sector, or even just want to find out what opera and ballet can offer, there is so much to choose from.

56: Avatar
This article tells about the story of Avatar.

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