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41: Review:Through A Glass Darkly
The most influencial artist of all time Ernst Ingmar Bergman's Oscar winning movie has been adapted for the stage and is now at Almeida Theatre starring Ruth Wilson.

42: The Mousetrap
The Mousetrap is the longest running show on the West End, and has delighted audiences since it first opened in 1952 with theatre tickets selling continuously for over 50 years. Agatha Christie’

43: Networking for actors
The acting industry is hugely populated.

44: How to ensure quality sound while you watch the movie at your home using home theater.
Almost all home theater users are familiar with the trepidation of 60Hz hum problem that often occur with the speakers. We often observe this noise with other’s sound system and not with our own. Sometimes the problem nips with a little effort but the problem becomes more severe and irritating. Let’s have a look at where that problem comes from.

45: Sound matters!
After spending a huge amount of money, everyone seeks satisfaction about the sound system installed in his/her home but still there are some matters to be considered. Investing in home theater systems is not an easy task and takes some time to plan about getting the aesthetic right and making yourself comfortable with the equipment around you.

46: Hottest Theatre Tickets
London is acknowledged around the world as the artistic and spiritual capital of theatre.

47: Finding the right audition speeches
Acting auditions require careful preparation, and often theatre auditions will ask you to prepare and audition piece around two to three minutes long to present to the panel. Making sure that you choose audition speeches that fit your casting bracket perfectly is the best way to showcase yourself, and will help you find your way to that theatre role.

48: Ink cartridges for fax machines
Acting auditions are always daunting no matter how great your experience.

49: The Lion King: tickets and the story
London is notorious for the production of top rated West End shows, and The Lion King, taken from the 1994 film of the same name, has remained one of theatreland’s most popular shows since it opened at the Lyceum Theatre in 1999.

50: Theatre London, Theatreland
London has long been the central hub of all things theatre, and as such has earned its nickname as ‘theatreland’. Theatre in London’s West End is known to produce commercial theatre to the highest level of anywhere throughout the UK, and as such people are constantly on the lookout for theatre tickets in London.

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