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Abstract Oil Paintings: Their Deeper Meaning

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by: HartonStormer182
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Date: Mon, 16 Jan 2012 Time: 1:06 PM

Abstract oil paintings are not really merely a collage of colors with pointless patterns and shapes. There are actually much deeper definitions of each paintings done - even if you can only see colors and irrecognizeable shapes. When you go outside of the colors and shapes, you will notice what it suggests. Well, it may not be the same meaning as it is for the artist, but you will have a link to the work of art as you study it. It just means that each and every artwork offers various interpretations.

Let us take for an example the works of the artists Mark Rothko and Ellsworth Kelly. They are the experts of colors. They first presented the the so called color-field works which is now well known - the vast areas of empty color spaces on their paintings. This will give a feeling of calmness and peacefulness to a busy setting. It was like a breath of fresh air when you see their artwork. It does not have the splashes of color that most of the abstract paintings have. There is a sense of quietness that can slow down any intermittent thinking.

With regards to shapes and patterns, there are the abstract oil paintings of Jackson Pollock, Howard Hodgkin and Peter Lanyon. When you try to study their artworks, those will convince your mind to think and analyze. Hodgkin style is like puzzles in a canvas and it will surely take a viewer sometime to take their eyes away from it. But for the reason that there are only very few defined areas on the paintings, some experts may seem to find them as empty of meaning or no meaning at all. But there are also some that may think that their paintings are rich with meaning, you just have to see deeper than the shapes and patterns.

This only means that no one meaning can be made in an artwork. Some may have positive response but there are still others that may think negatively. It will just be stimulated on their way of thinking or their current sense of thinking. You may take a splash of red in a canvas, some may think of it as blood or danger, but some will think of it as love and power. Every thing is just based mostly on the condition of mind of the viewer. Everyone should take into consideration these information if they decides to buy oil paintings, especially for delicate areas like schools, conference rooms and office.

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