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The Unicorn Women

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by: Vicci Burt
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Date: Sun, 27 Mar 2011 Time: 5:31 AM

A Childrens Story -- The Unicorn Women -- June 07,2010
A woman sat in her cabin lamenting her plight. Her husband was recently deceased, her children still small, and her flock of sheep had dwindled to impoverishing scantness. She didn't know if there would be enough meat for the winter, and enough wool to knit goods for sale to see them through till spring. There came a knock on the door.

"Who comes calling at this hour?" She asked.

"She of the Radiant Eyes" came the answer.

Common sense would have told one not to open the door to such a reply. But she felt oddly compelled,and opened the door. In came a tall woman of Amazon height. She wore the furs and leathers of a mountain tribeswoman. Her eyes were glowing white, and in the middle of her forehead was a horn about 6 inches long. She carried a large sack of wool. without a word she sat herself before the hearth and silently and quickly began to card it. The woman wanted to talk to her, or at least offer some hospitality. But she found herself unable to move or speak. Of course this made her on the verge of hysteria,she must be under somekind of witchery!! A moment later, another knock upon the door came.

"Who comes calling at this hour?" She asked same as before,somehow able to speak only this.

"She of the Golden Spindle" came the answer.

And as before she was compelled to let the woman in. She looked much the same as the other, even the horn on her head,but her eyes did not glow. And at her waist a Golden Spindle hung from her belt. The tribeswoman sat next to the other horned woman,and silently began to spin the carded wool while the lady watched unable to move or say anything. After a goodly amount of yarn had been spun,there came yet another knock on the door.

"Who comes calling at this hour?" the lady of the house asked again.

"She of the Silver Needles" came the reply.

She was let in also. This woman looked much the same as the second horned woman. In her hands she carried a pair of silver knitting needles. The woman sits next to the other two and begins to knit the spun yarn. She of the Radiant Eyes speaks to the woman for the first time.

"Lady make us some bread for our due."

Compelled to comply,she gets water from the well to mix with the meal,and bakes it in the hearth oven. After finishing 9 loaves (three for each), she sits and watches them work silently, unable to do anything else. The horned women begin to chant in sing-song rhymes,ancient and hypnotic. The Lady of the house watched in amazement. The sack must have been enchanted as the women chant and work all night without running out of wool.The last bit of wool had been carded, spun, and knitted just before the Cocks crow heralded morning. Suddenly they take up their tools and the bread. She of the Radiant Eyes speaks once more to the lady.

"For the young ones,thank you for the bread."

With that they take their leave. After they depart,she finds she is able to move and speak once more. She is  heart-warmed at their generosity. For behind them they had left all that they had magically knitted. Several shawls and blankets, that would have taken her a year to knit. She didn't know who or even what they are,but she was grateful,and in their debt. She smiled and hummed a happy tune as she folded them and got them ready for market.

The End,
By Vicci Barnes-Burt  June 07,2010

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