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The Rise and Success of Orlando Figes

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by: LelouchLambourne
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Although Orlando Figes is British and even born, bred and schooled in London, many nevertheless mistake him for being Russian simply because it is everything he talks about in most of his works. In fact, there was only in one book he deviated, Crimea, which talked about the last of the Holy Crusades that the Roman Catholic Church asked from its followers. The rest of his books, all of which had been critically acclaimed and with some even winning some of the most sought-after awards in literature, simply focused on Russia’s history and culture.

Orlando Figes as a person is just as fascinating as he is as a writer. He was only three years old when his father, Jack, left him and his family. This, however, did not cause Figes to become rebellious or problematic during his childhood, thanks to the loving care provided by his mother and sister. Both women in his life were writers, which is why Figes’ choice to become a writer as well is no surprise. Although he is greatly fascinated with all things Russian, he does not practice all of its customs. For one thing, Figes is a great supporter of feminism, which is rather frowned upon by traditional Russian society. This is because in the early 1970’s, his sibling Kate had successfully published her work on feminism.

Education-wise, he had everything one could wish for. As early as grammar school, Figes already showed an aptitude for the written word and this only continued even when he was in Cambridge, where he received double stars for his course. He was similarly awarded when he completed his master’s degree also in Cambridge. With impressive degrees now tucked in his belt, Figes felt more confident in facing the world and getting his first work published. Figes was unlike most debut writers who tried to make a name for their selves by choosing controversial topics. In Russian history, that would either be the lost princess or Rasputin. Although Figes did talk about the revolution in his first book, he did not highlight the aforementioned characters. What he did was better. He made every character fascinating to read about instead.

One would think that Orlando Figes is too much occupied with intellectual matters that he would bother to tell the story of one of the thousands of couples who had been torn apart by wars. Nevertheless, Figes surprised the public once again when he announced that his next work may almost read like a romance paperback in some parts. In his previous work, he was already able to provide readers a sweeping glance of how life was under the Stalin regime. With his next book, to be released in 2013, Figes will give his readers a more intimate glimpse of how day-to-day living can be an absolute torment in Stalin’s labor camps.

About the Author

Although Orlando Figes has an incredibly successful career, he has never made the mistake of taking it for granted. He continues to work hard in ensuring that all the facts and figures he uses are valid and accurate to serve as research for a piece of non-fiction. Lastly, most people also find it utterly commendable how Orlando Figes always consider quality as one of his topmost priorities when writing a book.

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