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The Miracle Baby

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Date: Thu, 15 Sep 2011 Time: 12:17 AM

Two years ago an idea was given to me by my maker that blew my mind, the one of writing a story and actually having it published. Although I have been writing my entire life, I never thought about publishing anything simply because I didnt think it was good enough. Faith came to my understanding the more I contemplated on the idea of being an actual published writer to have the opportunity of helping orphans in my mothers country and thats how the miracle baby was created. This is based on a true story but it is also based on true events that I saw in my surroundings, as of a definition of struggles and how a persons perspective can change when faced with one reality.

The miracle baby will impact your life and will not be like any other book youve read before. Give yourself the opportunity to expirience a life changing rollercoaster.

get it today,

About the Author

My name is Grace and I was born in jersey city, partially raised in Puerto Rico then came to the united states when I was about seven years old. I have always had one passion that has followed me my entire life the one to write and to help people.

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