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Orlando Figes Writing Historical Breakthroughs

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by: LelouchLambourne
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Mr. Orlando Figes is one of the famous British Russian Historian who was able to author exceptional books, which are all centered on the historical occurrences and are incorporated with detailed information regarding the subject matter. He went to complete his studies at the famous William Ellis School which is located in the North of London from the year 1971 up to the year 1978. There, he graduated along with a very rare double starred fist award in the year of 1982 at the University of Cambridge’s Gonville and Caius College. Mr. Figes got his PhD at the University of Cambridge’s Trinity College and has later on become the said school’s fellow from the year 1998 up to the year 1999. During the time that he was still on the process of finishing his PhD, he was also a lecturer for the History subject in the year 1987 at the University of Cambridge. After that, he went to the University of London’s Birkbeck College as he was offered to have a Chairman of History position there. Mr. Figes’ family background is that he was a son of a feminist writer and he is a brother to an editor, writer, and author. He was born on the year 1959 of November 20.

Mr. Orlando Figes started to gather popularity when he released his very first book in the year 1996 which is entitled “A People’s Tragedy”. Years after that, he decided to create a what seems to be his next ‘groundbreaking’ book that is entitled as “Natasha’s Dance” in the year of 2002. After that, he authored another book that has received dozens of awards; the book was named “The Whisperers” which he published in the year 2007. The books that he has written were all able to be highly acknowledged as well as recognized by thousands of people because of the amazing effort, talent, creativity and skills that he incorporated to his work. He was able to put cultural, social and oral historical testaments in one book, which is pretty much a hard thing to do. Another thing that the readers have noticed about this is that he also is a very skilled person when it comes to combining of the two different writing styles: Academic and Literary.

Mr. Orlando Figes have interviewed people that lived during that epoch and have asked them a few questions, these people are the writer Maxim Gorky, Prince Georgy Lvov, General Alexei Brusilov as well as other workers and peasants who wish to remain anonymous. Mr. Figes’ Goal that he was able to achieve with his works is that he wants to present the revolution that happened in Russia as an event of sophisticated individual tragedies and not just a stream of social information, he is making a peasant’s and soldier’s view to what happened before.

About the Author

Mr. Orlando Figes'books “Natasha’s Dance” and “The Whisperers” were all able to become a part of the Samuel Johnson Prize’s Short List which made him to be the only writer who was able to be part of The Samuel Johnson Prize and to be listed twice.

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