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Literature fulfillment – an integral part of marketing strategies

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by: micelanderson
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Date: Thu, 9 Jun 2011 Time: 10:03 AM

There are various stages in the life of a product. All the stages are equally important and without a single step, a product would not be ready to be sold in the market. Among all these steps, supply chain management is a very crucial step. Marketing is also covered under this. And today marketing has probably become the most crucial part, as it is on the marketing campaigns that a product is valued. Companies who cannot handle the marketing and supply chain management by themselves delegate it to a marketing collateral fulfillment company. This company takes care of the entire process of supply chain management and also marketing.

Many marketing collateral fulfillment companies also provide literature fulfillment on the demand of the client. There are many clients that are interested in literature fulfillment services. Through this, the fulfillment company can ship hundreds and thousands of literature orders per day. Various types of books, magazines, catalogs, mail pieces, marketing materials, sales materials etc are all considered as literature when talking on fulfillment terms. An efficient marketing collateral fulfillment service company will take immense care of shipping all such products to the client destination in the best manner, in the least possible time.

A good marketing collateral fulfillment company will accept orders of literature fulfillment by various means. They will accept orders over phone, fax, and e-mail as well as through direct client meetings. There are customer care cells of such fulfillment companies where direct orders for literature fulfillment are also taken. Special care is taken of literature materials as they tend to get damaged very easily. Books, manuals, catalogs, sales and marketing materials are all made of paper, so there are high chances of wear and tear of the things while movement or transportation. Some companies also provide good printing materials to the clients for their satisfaction.

Not only that, if the complete responsibility of marketing collateral fulfillment is given to the fulfillment company, they will also be able to guide the client regarding the amount of literature fulfillment they will need for further promotion or marketing campaigns. They will also help in assessing the quantity and quality management of the literature products. If the order of literature fulfillment is large, the fulfillment company will definitely need a warehouse or a storehouse where all these materials can be stored and kept free from damage. Selection of a proper storage space is very important for such products.

The marketing collateral fulfilment company will also take care of the packing and transportation of such literature goods. Most of such materials are packed in carton boxes and made ready for transportation. Adequate safety and security measures are taken so that minimal or no damage is incurred on them while transportation. It is also assured by the fulfillment services that the order of the literature fulfillment reaches the client in proper shape and most importantly in the designated time line. The satisfaction of the client is the biggest achievement for any fulfillment company. It will be a credit for the fulfillment company as well as the main business organization.

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