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art imitates life

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by: armsillustra
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Date: Sat, 9 Jul 2011 Time: 9:06 PM

Is funny, but after an art fair the other day in Mayit became clear to me that my theater had become my reality.

  I'd sold a few pieces and that was all well and good but the fact that a lady in the next booth over complimented my work was enough.


  It's just that coincidence to being there was to the north the sister in law of the model I used in the book of art "lost Ties" . Sample of that is at As well others in the crowd from town fit as the characters in the movie "the girl w/ the pearl earring"  a film bout 5 yrs ago about Vemeer. 

  Is funny but  the peole I dealt w/ at school and the critics downtown at the galleries all seem to fit into the  real life drama.I had become the protaganist, Vemeer in the film,  the new beau to the model had become the butcher boy,an old girl friend had become the jealous wife, the teacher at school had become the leacherous patron of the commission,and the girls at the galleries downtown had become the gossiping, back biting chambermaids and kitchen help.

  Everything in the movie had come true in real life.

   I remember  in 06 I carried w/ me in my bag several images related to the face I wanted to create, a few from Rockwell and several scotist physiognomies..but hadn't quite come up w/ the particular portrait I sought.

  Eventually settled on a pull off of Meryl Streeet from Sophies Choice for the madonna in part 3 of the book..yet seemed oshawas comment an artists intention is  a dream for him but a reality for his friends ...or something like that

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