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Do Ghost Writer And Copy Writer act the same ?

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Date: Wed, 6 Jul 2011 Time: 6:39 AM

 There have been time when we get confused by the terms ghost writing and copywriting. Digging out the answer,  there is not major difference between these two.

 In e publishing industry, copy writing and ghost writing both involve the enlisting  of a writer to create the narrators content for readers in a readable manner. Different titles are given to different positions and each has different works to perform and responsibilities. But there is a slight difference between these two professions, let’s have a look at similarities and differences of each of them.

Similarities between ghostwriter and Copy writer

• Both copywriting and ghost writing have a similarity that in both process, writer writes the material on behalf of the client.

• In both the cases writer have to sacrifice his or her name.

• The name ghost writing seems, something mysterious but it is not like that it has close resemblance with copy writing and both the terms are interchangeable.

• In copy writing, a client, a client can publish the articles which are written for him for the reference articles to other clients. It differs in ghost writing. Here the client is allowed to put his or her own name without any reference of the original writer. Ghost writers are only paid for the content nothing else.

Differences between ghost writer and Copy writer

• Copy writing is the term generally used in the context of sales pages, promotional letters which are designed to ring new customers. But ghost writing is the term referring biographies, articles, scripts, blogs and newsletters etc. Sometimes these terms are interchangeable and often used in both the context.

• The ghost writer is the person who writes for someone else with that person’s name and copy writer also writes the same but the articles written by copywriter are sometimes referred as “Copy” and client publishes them with their own name.

• Ghost writing seems more creative than copy writing. It needs more skills and efforts to personalize the thoughts. Copy writing doesn’t need personalization of the thoughts. It only needs good command over language and technicalinformation. In short a ghost writer can be a copy writer but for a copy writer it’s quite challenging to be a ghost writer.

 Therefore,  we  can conclude  that even if copy writing and ghost writing seem same, they are quite different.  as long as you  search for the same services, you are on the right way. Go for and find the ghost writer you are looking for. You will get a good idea and options for ghost writing and copy writing there.

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