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98.1 Free Fm – The New Leader in London, ON Radio Entertainment

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Date: Wed, 23 Nov 2011 Time: 3:20 AM

Radio listeners in London, ON, were recently provided with a new station to tune in to. 98.1 Free FM was formed in July 2011, and offers its listeners an eclectic mixture of blues and rock tunes while also providing entertainment for those who seek more information on current affairs with a heavy-focus on news and global events.

98.1 Free FM is the 14th station for media conglomerate, Blackburn Radio, a highly structured regional network that already boasts stations within the Windsor, Sarnia and Leamington markets. The introduction of 98.1 marks the return of Blackburn Radio to the London, ON radio market after a 12 year absence.

With their introduction into the local radio market, 98.1 promises to bring something different to the mix than other stations already in the field. Their show line-up is one of the best around and includes a wide array of distinct listening options for those whose tastes vary from the classical to the contemporary.

The station’s current introductory shows include Mid-days with Kate Wright. As the Music Director for the station’s entire suite of audio offerings, Kate’s show will be focusing on songs that have been long-forgotten within the fickle mainstream of current pop culture, and will also pay close attention to some of those fantastic artists who are somewhat overlooked within their field. In addition, Kate’s show will offer a taste of the bizarre and feature different offerings from around the music world, putting the spotlight on musicians who are evolving their craft with their unique sound.

Listeners can begin their days with 98.1’s Donovan and Pasqualina in the Morning. Donovan and Pasqualina will be offering a wide ranging mix of contemporary music and rock classics from various eras, as well as inviting listeners on air to discuss the day’s big headlines.

For those who are looking for information about current events and the world around them when they tune in to their local radio station each day, the Afternoon Show with Steve Hart is the ideal answer to their listening needs. Steve Hart will be focusing on global events and offering listeners a diverse combination of highly informative content, witty banter and continuously entertaining tidbits from recent news items.

Evening listeners tuning into 98.1 Free FM will be presented with a wide ranging feast of information, music and other cultural items from around the local London, Ontario area while listening to Evenings with Jon Bond. Jon will be sharing a wide array of information from the local scene including information on new and hot local bands, as well as inviting listeners to share their experiences of the local London area events with him live on air.

With a superb show line up and already a tremendous buzz surrounding the entire station, 98.1 Free FM promises to provide London, ON natives with a new blend of high quality radio entertainment that simply cannot be missed. Tune in today to experience 98.1’s many superb shows.

About 98.1 Free FM:

Blackburn Radio-owned 98.1 Free FM is one of London, Ontario’s new top radio stations. Each day they offer listeners an eclectic music mix of classic rock, jazz, blues and current hits alongside news items as they seamlessly blend high class radio entertainment with informative current affairs items. For more information, please go to 981freefm.

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